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August 07 2010

Maybe I could have loved you better. Maybe you should have loved me more.
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July 31 2010

leave the world behind you.
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July 25 2010

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July 09 2010

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July 08 2010

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jedi :> bird stalker.
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July 05 2010

My heart is so deeply, so deeply... deeply...
in pain with tears that floods, making me drown.

There's nothing when I seek something to hold on to,
and all I could do is just try to breath.
I am just struggling.

When the day we laughed... When we slept... When we dreamed of the future...
I think of the future was a color of a beautiful blue sky.
I feel I could even see the blue sky in a storm, when we were together.

Just only that memory is saving me.....
— the letter ...
Oh, what are you thinking now? Are you smiling?
Or... are you relieved? Are you crying?

All I can do is just imagine.
I am no longer able to hold you.
I am no longer able to hear your voice.

All because you desired.
Oh, no I shouldn't... I shouldn't say you did.

All of the happiness was that I loved you.
And I am still... think of you.
I am still... sleeping thinking of you.

When I hear you are with someone else than me, it will be the time when they all become real memories.
— ...you will never read
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I Haz Mous3
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July 02 2010

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July 01 2010

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June 29 2010

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